Pygmy Globetrotters - New Ado

New Ado

Pygmy Globetrotters

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Pygmy Globetrotters - New Ado

Pygmy Globetrotters


Richard Owen and Ian Turley met while working in the basement cloakroom of a turn of the millennium Sheffield super club. Here, left to their own
devices for long periods of time, deprived of daylight, sleep and peace and quiet they came up with plans. Over the next few years these plans developed into Pygmy Globetrotters.

The basis of Pygmy Globetrotters is Richard's deceivingly complex laptop
melodies meeting Ian's simplistic synth noises, fuzz bass and distortion. That
added to repetition, repetition, repetition = The sound of paranoid fun.


“Pygmy Globetrotters, equal parts ‘Born Slippy’ era Underworld meets Crystal Castles” NME

“Cutting-edge machine beats, on vibrating, subsonic bass riffs, spindly synth riffs and the dark, diseased imaginings of two boys cut off from it all, cast adrift 150 miles from the mundane, media mainstream” The Guardian

“Pygmy Globetrotters are using junk-shop keyboards and cheap laptops to offer a digital update of budget analogue pop.” The Sunday Times Magazine

Unsigned band of the week - Steve Lamacq - BBC 6 Music

“The WLM roster includes newcomers Pygmy Globetrotters, who are currently on the brink of greater recognition following the release of their debut E.P.” Subculture


Pygmy Globetrotters - New Ado released 30th September

new ado

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  2. Pygmy Globetrotters - Egyptian Grandad
  3. Pygmy Globetrotters - Bouncy
  4. Pygmy Globetrotters - Pump Up Soles
  5. Pygmy Globetrotters - Banger
  6. Pygmy Globetrotters - Bulk Hul
  7. Pygmy Globetrotters - Man And Banana Makes Melon