Beat Frequency - Psilocyren


Beat Frequency

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Beat Frequency - Psilocyren

With his new album, PSILOCYREN, Beat Frequency AKA demon thereminist Gordon Charlton reinvents the original electronic instrument for the third millennium, stripping away the saccharin sentimentality and clichéd spookiness of the theremin's past to reveal the raw power and emotion of a cybernetic welding of man and machine.

From the heart rending wail of Song Of The Potato Man to the quiet desolation of The Loss Of Small Things Charlton takes us on a journey through strange soundscapes that harken to the early days of Throbbing Gristle and Nurse With Wound and recalls the alien dissonance of Forbidden Planet, hurtling relentlessly on a nightmarish train ride past dinosaurs and monsters of the deep to the edge of death and beyond.

Charlton tackles big subjects head on, gazing unblinkingly into the abyss and finds there a music that is magnificent and unsettling. Rendered with sinister dexterity, Psilocyren is a hallucinogenic mix of air raid sirens and the classical sirens that lured men to their doom and a frighteningly beautiful examination of the soul of a cyborg.

As Pere Ubu sang in We Have The Technology, "Linked with our machines our eyes are beaming. It won't matter at all how weird things are seeming." For sonic warriors, this is the seminal album of the theremininja.


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  1. Beat Frequency - Dance Of The Flower Pot Men
  2. Beat Frequency - Gently Drowning
  3. Beat Frequency - Boundary Logic
  4. Beat Frequency - Chikhai Bardo
  5. Beat Frequency - Dark Lizard (Another Mystic Mix)
  6. Beat Frequency - The New Consonance
  7. Beat Frequency - Point Of Collapse (Caché Vidja Mix)
  8. Beat Frequency - Ascension
  9. Beat Frequency - Night Shift
  10. Beat Frequency - The Loss Of Small Things