Karl Stirner - Saving Whales By Killing Hippies

Saving Whales By Killing Hippies

Karl Stirner

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Karl Stirner - Saving Whales By Killing Hippies

karl stirner & his new album, in his own write....

Born in vienna,
has been and still is studying zither, composition, survival-strategies, people,
is an author, musician and blacksmith.
 Writes music for all sorts of ensembles and situations, stage music, film music and also short-stories, film scripts and other projects...

since 2002 karl has worked as a composer and musician at The Burgtheater/vienna.

musical main projects include:
 soyka_stirner (improvised viennese ethnomusic together with
 button- accordion master walther soyka)
 “ karl stirner ” (solo-electronic-project , published by WLM)
 hannes-löschel-stadtkapelle (9-part jazz band dealing with

 ..and a great number of marvellous musicians, that I `ve had the pleasure to play and produce with.....

karl works and lives with his family in the forests in the utter north of austria,
close to the czech border.

About the new release....

“ Saving whales by killing hippies ” is a tough to describe album....
its main components include counterpoint, psycho-acoustics, free acoustic brain-and soul-candy, great guest appearances, fantastic mastering, brilliant cover-art and a general attitude towards producing ambivalence....in other words: you should have fun with it beyond the 20th listen....


Download Album (WLM111)
  1. Karl Stirner - Drumming
  2. Karl Stirner - Misanthrope in Paris
  3. Karl Stirner - Tricky Women
  4. Karl Stirner - Sanctus (Bach)
  5. Karl Stirner feat. Gordon Charlton - Pork
  6. Karl Stirner - Socialising Machine
  7. Karl Stirner & Electromungo feat. Robboland - Arrigato rmx
  8. Karl Stirner feat. Jimmy Lee - I Can't Go To Mass
  9. Karl Stirner - Butterfly Digestion
  10. Karl Stirner - Clown Techno